Because of you, I post videos! You helped me get past any judgement or criticism I may feel about myself. I even post videos without makeup! Thank you, Marci, I would not have done it if I hadn’t come across your motivational talk about filming videos
— @georgettevanvliet

Thank you Marci for sharing like you do. Every time I come across your posts and watch I end up gaining motivation and advice that is applicable to me in one way or another. You’re going to help a lot more people than you already do and I wish you the best!
— @picazo_samuel

We think you open up honest conversations that many would like to ignore. Through the barefaced approach, you show how important it is to face and not be ashamed of beginning the change through the truth. Your platform is relatable to many who may not have had the opportunity to reach out and be heard in any other way. Excellent service to many. ‘
— @Timehonoured

You have resonated with me in the sense that you are so real, inspiring and caring. You are in the industry that my heart is connected to. Yet you’ve shown me a sense of unique artistry. Unique in the way of everything seems from the heart...You are what I admire. You are making changes and you are using this platform for good. My heart arms knowing this. I might have found you late, but I am glad I did. You are incredible. Role models like you are equivalent to me as Sandra Bullock was in my career. Ethics, values, morals and class.
— @martiniexperience

Not only is Marci an advocate for a myriad of causes, mompreneurs, local businesses, fundraisers, independent retailers, etc., but she is a role model – providing a great platform for spreading knowledge to others and fostering a collaborative spirit amongst our community and Bergen County. All the best Marci as you continue to provide a great online platform in this social world
— Rita Masini